Who We Are

About Hakaru

計る (hakaru.org) is an online service to make volunteer management a breeze. It has been designed primarily for event-based organizations, allowing volunteer availability to be matched with department needs.

Hakaru was born out of a need caused by growth and success. As events get bigger, you need more staff. As your staff grows, it becomes harder to schedule everyone and make sure you have someone assigned everywhere they're needed.

What used to take weeks to plan schedules, now can be done in hours and with a lot less errors.

  • Easy to use
  • Handles scheduling for events with hundreds of staff
  • Powerful management interface
  • Self-service Portal
Hakaru Event Staff Management

Our team

Nick Avgerinos Creator

Nick created Hakaru out of his love of volunteering for his hometown anime convention.


hakaru.org makes use of the following Open Source Software projects:

Beta Period

This service is currently under development and available only to select invited organizations.

After the beta period, it will be available as an online subscription service.

What does Hakaru mean?

In Japanese, "hakaru" roughly means to measure something to determine its weight, volume, length, time, etc. So there's a lot of measuring of time values, for where people are needed and where they have worked.

Hakaru was created initially for anime conventions, so a Japanese-sounding name was natural.