Most everything you’re going to manage in this system is connected together through an Event. Volunteer and Department schedules are all connected to an event.

Events are managed through the Settings->Events page.

Event Details

Event Name

The name of your event.


The Status of the event controls when an event is visible to users as well as what you can modify during the event. Most event life-cycles should general follow the Pending -> Open -> Closed -> Completed path.

Event Status Options




Use this for a new event while you’re setting things up. Events in the Pending state are not visible to non-admins on the Manager site or to volunteers in the Portal.


An event that is in the Open state is fully active. Volunteers can register via the Portal (provided it is between the Registration Open and Registration Closed dates). The event can be managed through the Manager interface.


The event is closed for registrations. Switch to this status after your event is over. Write access via the Manager is still available as you do any post-event work.


The event and all your post-event work is complete. The event is now in a read-only mode. You can no longer make changes to schedules using the Manager interface.


Name of the event venue. This will be displayed to volunteers and printed on their schedules.

Address fields (City, State, Country)

Displayed to volunteers and printed on their schedules.

Event Start / Event End

Date range of the event. Currently max of 4-day events are supported.

Registration Open / Registration Close

Date range you want to allow volunteers to self-register using the Volunteer Portal. The event Status must also be “Open” for registration to be enabled.

Users of the Manager interface can manually create Volunteer records, regardless of the Open/Close dates.


The timezone where the event takes place. This will control the times that are used for all scheduling for an event.

Registration Cap

You can limit the number of volunteers that can register using the Volunteer Portal by setting a limit here (or enter “0” for unlimited). Users of the Manager interface can manually create volunteer records regardless of this limit.

Event Logo

Update a logo image for your event here. The logo is displayed on the Volunteer Portal and printed on schedules. Transparent backgrounds are recommended.

Event Rewards

Use this page to manage the Rewards that are available to volunteers during this event.

Start by using the Add New Reward form to create the reward. You can then use the toggle switches to control how the reward is displayed and made available to volunteers.

Reward Name

The name of your reward. If Display is turned on, this is displayed to volunteers and printed on their schedules.

Min Hours

A volunteer must have worked this number of hours to qualify to receive this reward.


Toggle this to set if this reward is currently available for volunteers to receive. This controls if the reward is displayed on both the Manager and Volunteer Portal.


Toggle this to control if this reward is displayed to volunteers (on both the Volunteer Portal and their printed schedules).

Allow Early

Allow managers to issue this reward to a volunteer before they have completed the minimum number of hours required.

Choose One

Use this setting to control reward levels where volunteers may select only one of multiple types of rewards. Any rewards that have the same Min Hours and Choose One enabled will be grouped together. After the first reward in a group is issued, the others will be disabled.


Remove a reward. Do not use this if any rewards have been issued, better to turn off the Available setting.

Event Meetings

Use this page to manage volunteer meetings (e.g. an orientation meeting before your event).

Meetings added on this list will be displayed in the Volunteer Portal. Volunteers can select the meeting they plan on attending. This can then be used to track meeting attendance.

Event Departments

Use this page to connect a Department to an event. This can also be done through the Departments pages, but this interface provides a quick way to view all the departments that are available for this event.

The Visible field shows the event departments that will be displayed on the Volunteer Portal (when Available Hours is enabled).

Approval Req? shows departments where a manages must add a volunteer (volunteers can not select this department as a “preferred department” in the Volunteer Portal).

Event Content

Use this page to control custom content for this event. A rich test editor is available to help with designing your content. You can also provide raw HTML by selecting Tools -> Source code from the editor menu.