Getting Started

Create an Event

The first time you log in to the management interface, you’ll be presented with the Add Event page where you will be asked to create your first event.

The volunteer management system is event based, so creating your first event is an essential first step.

Give the event a Name, Location and be sure to specify the Start and End dates of your event. Those dates should match the days that you will want to schedule your volunteers to work.

If you will be allowing volunteers to register via our Volunteer Portal, specify the date range that you would like the signup form to be available.

If you would like to limit the number of volunteers that can register via the Volunteer Portal, specify a Registration Cap. Note: This number will not limit the number of volunteers you can manually add to your event.

Customize Your Organization

On the Settings->Organization page, you can customize things like what you call your volunteers and set the minimum age. See Organization for more detail on the available settings.

Customize Your Volunteer Portal and Emails

The Volunteer Portal is where your volunteers will go to register for your event and provide you with things like their availability.

See Settings -> Sites to create a new site and customize the content.

You’ll need to contact your sales representative for assistance in getting your portal setup under your event’s domain name.

You’ll also need to setup your Email Templates to customize the messages your volunteers will receive when they submit a registration and are approved for your event.