The Volunteer page allows you to fully manage the volunteer.

If no event is currently selected, you will only see the following tabs: Details, Events, Notes and History.

If a default event is set (top right corner of the Manager), you will additionally see the Schedule and Rewards tabs.

Volunteer Details

This page shows information about the volunteer (contact and other vital information).


The volunteer’s status in the system. Only New, Active or Inactive volunteers can register using the Volunteer Portal.

Volunteer Status Options




A volunteer who has self registered through the Volunteer Portal. New volunteers typically have not been assigned a Volunteer ID


A volunteer that is currently active (registered for a current event).


A volunteer that has not registered for a current event.

Moved to Staff

A volunteer that has been promoted to a staff level (no longer managed using this system). Volunteers in this status can no longer use the Volunteer Portal.


A volunteer that has been rejected is no longer able to use the Volunteer Portal or participate in scheduling.


Use this to mark a volunteer that has registered twice. Duplicates will occasionally be cleaned out of the system.

Note, there are two status levels tracked in the system for a volunteer. The Volunteer’s overall status (this one) and the volunteer’s Event Status for each event.


E-Mail address for the volunteer. Approval messages will be sent here.

Member ID

If you track IDs for this person outside of the volunteer system, that value can be entered here.

Display of this field is controlled by the organization’s Custom Fields setting.


Address of the volunteer.

Display of this field is controlled by the organization’s Custom Fields setting.


Contact number for the volunteer.

Date of Birth

Used to track the age of the volunteer.

Forum Username

Does your organization have a forum or bbs where users can post? Track the volunteer’s username in that system here.

Display of this field is controlled by the organization’s Custom Fields setting.

Shirt Size

Allow volunteers to specify their T-Shirt size when they register. This can be viewed in reports and is helpful for placing orders.

Display of this field is controlled by the organization’s Custom Fields setting.

Volunteer Photo

Having a photo to help identify your volunteers can be very helpful, especially during events where you may only see the volunteers for a limited amount of time. The Volunteer page allows you to easily view and change the volunteer’s photo.

From the Volunteer page, click on the photo image above the volunteer’s name to open the Volunteer Photo window. A larger view of the current image will be displayed.

There are two ways you can change the photo. The Capture button allows you to take a picture using your webcam. The Load Image button allows you to upload an image from your computer.


To capture an image using the webcam attached to your computer, click on the Capture button. This first time you to this, your browser will ask for permission to access the camera. If you are having problems opening the camera, try reloading the page.

You should see a live preview image from your camera. If you have multiple cameras attached to your computer (e.g., a tablet with front and rear cameras), you may need to go to your browser’s camera settings to select the correct camera. This is often a camera icon in the URL bar.

Position your camera as desired and click the Take Photo button when you are ready to take the volunteer’s photo.

Your image will be displayed along with some tools for cropping the image. There are tools for zooming in/out, and rotating the image. For best results, make sure the volunteer’s face is centered near the middle of the higlighted area. Click the Save Photo button to save the image, or you can select Capture to re-take another picture.

Load Image

To load an image from your local computer, click on the Load Image button. A dialog will open prompting you to select a file. You can use most popular formats that your browser supports (PNG, JPG, GIF). You’ll be presented with the option to crop the uploaded image just as above in the Capture step. Click Save Photo to save the image.

Whenever you save a new photo, the image will be labled with the volunteer’s ID, name and the time the image was uploaded. Take this into account when cropping your image.

Tip: You can also upload an new image by drag-and-dropping an image file onto the volunteer’s photo from the main detail page.

Volunteer Events

This page displays the event history of the volunteer. You can connect a volunteer to an event using the + Add button.

Control the status of the volunteer in terms of this event here.


Is this volunteer available to work this event? Volunteers can control this status themselves on the Volunteer Portal.


Approval status for the volunteer to work the event. A volunteer must both be Available and “Approved” to be scheduled.

Volunteer Event Status Options



Not Approved

Default state of a new volunteer that has self-registered. Volunteer is listed on schedule suggestions until approved.

Approve + Send Email

Volunteer is available to be scheduled this event and the “Approved” email is sent to the volunteer letting them know the change in status.

Approve Only

Volunteer is only marked approved, no email is sent.


Volunteer is rejected for this event and is no longer able to work.


Remove the volunteer from the event. This option is only available if they have not been scheduled for any shifts. Otherwise, use the Reject status.

Note, there are two status levels tracked in the system for a volunteer. The Volunteer’s overall status (this one) and the volunteer’s Event Status for each event. You can reject a volunteer for an individual event, but they can still be “Active” as a volunteer for other events.


This shows other vital information about the volunteer in relation to this event. Tracking the Amount Paid can be useful in post-event reporting if you are issuing refunds of an event ticket price for hours worked.

Max Hours

Max Hours lets the volunteer set the most they want to work. The system will not prevent you from scheduling more than this number, but it will display warnings letting you know they are going over their requested hour limit.


Orientation lets you track meeting attendance. Volunteers who have attending the meeting are considered “Checked in”.

Checked Out

Checked Out tracks when the volunteer is completed working the event.

Volunteer Schedule

View and manage the volunteer’s schedule from this page.

Available Hours

For each day, on the left side of the column is a red/green view showing the volunteer’s availability to work those hours. Volunteers can set this via the Volunteer Portal. Managers can highlight a block of hours an use the Available, Unavailable and Clear buttons.

Schedule Suggestions

Highlight a time range and click Suggestions to get a list of suggested shifts for the volunteer. This will show departments that have unfilled requests during that time range. They will be ranked according to the volunteer’s Preferences.

Click the + Schedule button to add the displayed shift to the volunteer’s schedule.

Manually Add a Shift

To manually add a shift, highlight the time range of the shift and click the + Manual Add button. A pop up will display letting you set the Department, Room and add any shift comments.

Edit a Shift

To make changes to a shift, click on the shift you would like to change. A popup next to the shift will open containing the shift information. From there, you can edit the shift Status, Department and Room they worked in, as well as add any Comments about the shift (these comments will appear on the volunteer’s printed schedule). You can also remove the shift by clicking the trash can icon at the bottom right corner of the popup.

Close the popup by clicking the shift a second time or the small X icon in the top right of the popup.

Print Volunteer Schedule

The Print button will allow you to print the schedule for this volunteer. For batch printing of volunteer schedules, see the Reports section.

Volunteer Rewards

From this page, you can view and manage the individual rewards a volunteer receives.

When a volunteer has satisfied the minimum conditions needed for a reward (by working the required number of hours), the reward will be displayed with a green Claim Reward button next to it. Click that button when you have issued that reward. The system will track the date/time and the user who issued the reward.

If you make a mistake, a user with administrative access and click the small X next to the reward to clear it out.

If a reward is setup as a Choose One reward tier, the other rewards in that same level will be marked as Reward Level Claimed when the first one in that group is claimed.

Volunteer Notes

This page is an area for you to add any notes about the volunteer. Notes are read only once they are submitted and can not be edited.

If a note is important and you would like to draw a manager user’s attention to it any time the volunteer’s record it open (e.g., “Mary needs to fill out some important paperwork.”), click the little bell icon next to the note. A pop-up with this note will be displayed every time the volunteer record is opened.

Notes will be displayed on post-event reports such as the Volunteer Report and Department reports. If you have a note that you would like to not be included on such reports, click the eyeball icon and it will be marked as hidden.

Volunteer History

This page displays the history of the volunteer and shows when certain fields attached to the volunteer change, who made the change and when.